we are ?


we are ?


Early in 1985, Sals Famous made its name to be the most authentic pizza restaurant in Canada. Established in Gibbons, Alberta, the family owned and operated restaurant quickly became a home to many pizza lovers. Its charms lie in original home made recipes with pizza dough made fresh on site everyday. We know… you crave for it!

Sal's Famous has been always family owned and opened since 1985 (originally known as K BROTHERS)

-All our recipes are 100% original!   From the pizza spices to the daily hand pressed dough, gravy mix, sauces, etc etc

- Proud of always been in Gibbons Alberta


- Fresh produce & ingredients to provide our clients with the best quality.


- We have opened 3 different locations in the past 5 years.


- Sal's Famous has been through 3 family generations